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Ziegler Ref: 5391

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Ziegler rugs are traditionally produced in many tribal regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The word “chobi” is from the Farsi word for “chob” which means wood. Ziegler rugs are hand made with natural dyes and Ghanzi handspun wool by Turkmen weavers. Originally Ziegler and Co. were a Manchester based Swiss producer and distributor of Persian carpets. The term Ziegler was then made into a modification of a traditional Persian design as to what we know now.

All the colours are obtained from natural flower and vegetable dyes and produce soft luminous shades and abrashes. The motifs are generally more floral in design and softer on the eye. However, they can also be made with an all over pattern using softer palettes which contrasts the busier Persian stereotype. Zieglers are made to be used and enjoyed and fit in with both traditional and contemporary homes.